Our mission is to conduct environmentally friendly recycling and use limited resources effectively through a global recycling system with other countries, mainly in Japan.

With the philosophy of contributing to the beautiful earth and society where we live, we aim to be a company that “helps the development of society.”

We produce, consume and dispose of many things every day. However, there is a reality that much of what can be recycled as recycled resources is discarded as garbage. In particular, the situation in which metals and plastics are not properly treated, such as being dumped illegally, has not been improved.

As a company that “helps in the development of society”, we are promoting the construction of a global resource recycling society system by exporting recyclable iron and non-ferrous metals, miscellaneous scraps, plastics, etc. to excellent overseas recyclers. We are.

We will continue to open up a new future based on our management philosophy.